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Virgin Mobile likes to make it viral

August 21, 2003 at 6:23 by Martina Comments

Digital Media Communications has just released a new online buzz campaign called “Red Academy” for Virgin Mobile. The campaign features a digital film clip called ‘Friends’ that pokes fun at the Orange campaign by introducing viewers to the Virgin Mobile ‘Red Academy’ and its childlike Machiavellian character Damien who compels naive trainees to “forget phone functions and simply phone friends”.
You can have a look at the Friends film on DMC’s Web site.
As reported today in Mobile Youth newsletter, recently Virgin Mobile has announced that it has reached 3,000,000 customers, confirming its position as the fastest growing network ever seen in Britain.

One Response to Virgin Mobile likes to make it viral

  1. Keith says:

    Here is an email i sent there customer service center. That will fill you in on how i fell about them.
    “I just have a couple things to say. I have had this phone of yours for some time now and I have come to the conclusion you people are the biggest rip-off artist. There have been multiple times when I have made a phone call that lasted exactly 1 minute. Not 1min. and 1 sec. but 1 min. and you I am charged for 2. Yeah it doesn’t sound like a lot but when you do it to enough people that adds up in your pocket. When I got the phone the sales man never said anything about being charged to check voicemail from my phone and I just found out I get charged for people leaving voice mails. What kind of shit is that? I was told I don’t get charged for checking vmail from a land line but that was probably a lie. I was also never informed that I would be charged 25 cents for the first 10 minuets of the day. I have been noticing these things for over the past months of having this phone and I just wanted to inform you some can see the shit you are pulling. But it’s not like you will do anything about it because I know you are a sprint company and they don’t care about the customer just the money. Not like you care but am in the process of getting a new phone and I will never never get anything from you people again and I will discourage anyone I talk to about having sprint and vm as a phone provider. “

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