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Jose Cuervo “Endless Summer” Campaign

August 25, 2003 at 2:57 by Martina Comments

Jose Cuervo, the tequila maker, wants to drive grassroots awareness of its brand, therefore has decided to run an online campaign in the US to switch Labor Day from the first Monday in September to whatever is the official last day of summer.
The news is reported on DMNews today by Mickey Alam Khan who explains that the campaign includes banners, e-mail and the Web site at Jose Cuervo basically wants people to sign up for an online petition to delay summer’s end, later they will send the petition to the US Congress.
Sam Chadha, global integrated marketing manager at Jose Cuervo International in New York. says:

“For us, it’s getting close to our customers and learning more about them, and CuervoNation is the platform for the brand. The actual promotion mechanics encourage consumers to contact likeminded people to gather as many names as possible”.

Apparently it’s a smart marketing idea to collect names and demographics from online users. Personally I like the fact of using the “Endless Summer” concept, but I believe that such an official looking petition is exaggerated, making the campaign rather dumb.
To see some of Cuervo’s banners exposed online, click here, and here.

2 Responses to Jose Cuervo “Endless Summer” Campaign

  1. Mike Nicholls says:

    I’m e-mailing from Sunnyvale California, I am looking for a Promotions or Marketing dept that I can contact regarding Jose Cuervo.
    Mike Nicholls

  2. Mark DiMayo says:

    I took advantage of a Jose Cuervo “Fleece Jacket” promotion on Feb. 2. 2004
    My check for the s&H was cashed on March 12, 2003.
    I have not recieved my jacket as of yet. Can you update me on when it should arrive???

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