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MSN presents its own toolbar

January 28, 2004 at 1:12 by Martina Comments

How could MSN live without its own toolbar? It can’t, that’s why, following its rivals Google and Yahoo!, MSN has developed a solution to allow users a complete browser-search engine integration. Silicon Valley talks about it, but I suggest you having a look at MarketingWonk as well where Kevin Lee collected all the sources talking about the issue.

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One Response to MSN presents its own toolbar

  1. Jay Abraham says:

    Isn’t this toolbar thing getting kind of out of hand? Right now I’ve got a yahoo toolbar, alexa toolbar, and google toolbar. And now you say Msn has one. Since each one of these toolbars takes up some prime realestate on our computers, it seems like pretty soon they’ll be more toolbar on the screens of websurfers than actual browser space. Just a thouht.

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