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Online Adv: don’t forget of media players

February 12, 2004 at 8:41 by Martina Comments

The power of the Internet as an advertising media goes beyond the browser. The latest trends talk about “desktop” advertising, but Instant messaging promotions are doing pretty well too. The new possibilities of getting in touch with the consumer through a computer are analyzed on IAR, quoting the opinion of Andy Jedynak, senior VP and general manager of desktop app WeatherBug who says that:

Internet apps are better than a Web site for targeting people. You don’t have to load from the Web. Since users go to so much trouble to download the app, there’s more loyalty, and when there’s more loyalty, advertising is more effective.

Apparently, marketers now have new tools to create surround advertising session (and don’t forget of media players!).

One Response to Online Adv: don’t forget of media players

  1. jonathan says:

    Pager ads are fine, but my problem with pagers is that it’s too easy for spammers to send bogus pop-ups advertising porn and garbage. My wife is constantly getting pop-ups when she’s connected to Yahoo! pager.

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