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Broadband in Europe

March 22, 2004 at 8:32 by Martina Comments

The ART (‘Autorit� de r�gulation des t�l�communications) has released a few data about broadband’s diffusion in Europe. France is leading the way with 1.2 million subscribers, followed by Italy (1.1 million) and the UK (1 million). Denmark has 12.7 fast connections every 100 inhabitants, followed by Belgium (12.1) The Netherlands (11.5) and Sweden (10.4), at the bottom of the standing we find Italy (4.7), Ireland (0.9) and Greece (0.1). The European average is 6.0 fast lines each 100 inhabitants.
Further information about the research are provided in an article on Le Journal du Net.

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One Response to Broadband in Europe

  1. uli says:

    I don’t get this: Apart from having seen a lot of quotes from studies seeing Germany as the front runner, the lowest number (I found) of DSL-subscribers in Germany is about 4 million right now. Even about y aeyr ago there have been more than 3.2 million DSL lines. I’m a little confused here…

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