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Reebok: ugly but it works

April 13, 2004 at 10:01 by Martina Comments

On iMediaConnection the campaign featured this week is Reebok: all eyes on us. The sport brand developed a micro site to engage basketball fans (and prospects) in an interactive and entertaining experience. As Tony Quin, President at IQTV said, the initiative is good but not great. They decide to take an innovative approach to navigation and content. There’s a lot of esploration and discovery, probably to much for the average users. But for teenagers it might be the correct choice…

2 Responses to Reebok: ugly but it works

  1. Tony Quin says:

    Tony Quin from IQTV should worry about his own site before he comments on ugly – no flash version detection and it launches acrobat on certain computers…

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