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Seth is back!

May 12, 2004 at 8:56 by Martina Comments

Seth Godin is one of my favourite marketing writers. Since 1999 his Permission Marketing has a special position in my books collection. Seth has recently published a new work, Free Prize Inside! which I have been honoured to receive directly from him. Its packaging was terrific (the book comes in a cereals box) but the content isn’t less impressive. Think, act, create, in a sentence: make something happen.
I love Seth’s writings because they provide you with energy. After reading them, I often feel like I can “conquer the world” with the next big idea. So if you’re looking for a boost, don’t miss Free Prize Inside!
Recently, Seth has also published an e-book which is available to download here. I’m very happy he has decided to include Adverblog in his review of useful blogs.

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