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Ads are everywhere

June 22, 2004 at 6:46 by Martina Comments

On The International Herald Tribune there is an excellent article by Eric Pfanner on the proliferation of advertising messages in Western societies. Promotional messages are everywhere: tv, radio, print, billboards, internet and, last but not least, movies and videogames. Consumers are getting sick of this invasion, and marketers feel their messages get unnoticed. We are even seeing the birth of so called anti-marketing militants.
The article reports different opinions from the advertising industry. Experts are starting to acknowledge that less may sometimes be more. But not everyone agrees.

2 Responses to Ads are everywhere

  1. Duarte says:

    Well, is precisely this confusion, that generates the opportunity to succeed, using Permission Marketing to reach the consumer in a cheaper and remarkable way.

  2. Lorenzo says:

    a good example is MUJI a japanese company that has based his success in eliminating ads and focusing on good design and good carisma in it’s products as reward pople love it. and MUJI is recognized even without logo clearly everywhere in Japan

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