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I’m looking for an ad management solution

June 16, 2005 at 3:21 by Martina Comments

I’m looking for a reliable and affordable ad management solution.
If anyone has any suggestion, please leave a comment or email me.
Partnership opportunities will be also considered and very much appreciated. Thanks,

6 Responses to I’m looking for an ad management solution

  1. branden says:

    I would recommend phpadsNew
    It’s free and among the best.
    Robin Good recently said good things about it also.

  2. Info says:

    Check out this website, and contact a representative!! They are great!

  3. Jack Nork says:

    Not sure if you are talking about ad management for online. If so, we use TruEffect ( and have been quite happy with them. Their CPM costs are quite reasonable and there are no startup costs.

  4. justko says:

    hi!! I like so much your blog!! I have your same mania!…sometimes I’ll come back to check some new advertising campaign :p…maybe I’ll ask you for some advices :D
    see you!!
    (you can find me in my blog on msn!!)

  5. PHPadsNew works great and is free…

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