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A new G Unit site for Reebok

July 11, 2005 at 10:16 by Martina Comments

Reebok has launched a micro-site to promote its 50 Cent’s new GxT II line. Zugara did the job, also creating a stickball advergame. The site also presents the TV spot and a “behind the scenes” special, the RBK ringtones will be added soon.
Usually I don’t enjoy sites which heavily use photographs, but in this case I very much like the animation effects when you move from one section to another.

One Response to A new G Unit site for Reebok

  1. Carol says:

    Love your blog. It’s breadth of topics makes it hard to believe it’s run by one person, when do you sleep?
    I saw this RBK Gunit sneaker ad on the site and at first I thought, ugg, BET offers up more denigrating images of Black Americans they shamelessly connect to “Black” Entertainment. Then I sighed at the swinging sneakers tied around the lamp post and thought are these kids EVER going to move out of the ghetto?
    Then I realized that the ad did move me to think. Always appreciative for a chance to feel brain cells buzz I clicked on the ad and was swept up into a brilliant world of street ballers and one buff rap artist in the site’s :60 spot.
    My question is do you know who directed the :60 TV spot with the pro athletes?
    Thanks for your help,

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