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Peugeot: Life shouldn’t be this easy

July 26, 2005 at 8:28 by Martina Comments

Life is not as easy as stated by Peugeot 1007. The new UK online campaign moves from the tagline concept “Life shouldn’t be this easy” but, in my opinion does not fully deliver what promised.
First of all, the automaker has split the information into two micro-sites: (with the car’s characteristics) and (with news and goodies). The presence of two independent, although connected, websites might disorient the visitor, who might miss some info Peugeot wants to deliver.
The second point, is that once you land on the news site, at first sight you think you are forced to register in order to access the information. Of course there is a link at the bottom of the page allowing you to preview the site content without registering, but it’s not very intuitive.
These are the negative aspects of Peugeot online effort, but don’t get me wrong, the campaign created by Euro RSCG has also some very interesting points to highlight. As reported on 160 Characters, the TV advert for the new 1007 car offers SMS as the only contact channel. The call to action at the end of the spot invites viewers to text the word “easy” to 81007. This allows mobile users to access a the car’s WAP portal, where they find information and entertainment goodies. For example, they can book a test drive or watch the mobisodes of key 1007 features.

One Response to Peugeot: Life shouldn’t be this easy

  1. Tom says:

    Heya, im sorry about this but does anyone know the name of the song in this advert? Thanks xxx

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