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Quick links for August 17

August 17, 2005 at 4:57 by Martina Comments

- Will spray-on salad dressing stick with consumers?
- On Advertising: Hey, that was my idea! (The International Herald Tribune)
- To Market a Magazine, Fill It With Celebrity Gossip (New York Times)
- iVillage to Launch Web Search and Targeted Advertising by Yahoo! (press release)
- UK advertising watchdog backs Tesco’s complaint vs Asda (Forbes)
- Wrigley Icons Nominated for Advertising Walk of Fame (press release)

2 Responses to Quick links for August 17

  1. Hi Martina
    Hope you feel good.
    For your Quick Links, you can have a look on 3 interesting articles from Le Monde about Internet take-off,1-0@2-3234,36-680976@51-645160,0.html
    Patrick (france/paris)

  2. noffence says:

    Just a quick note – having all the posts titled ‘quick links for xx’ doesn’t really work when all I see is the title in the RSS feed…

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