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Blaupunkt: advergame and viral video on

October 24, 2005 at 4:06 by Martina Comments

In Italy Blaupunkt is running an online campaign through MTV’s Internet and mobile sites. The campaign takes advantage of the popular Bunny&Benny characters, who proved incredibly successful in the viral video released early this year. Users can download the video directly from MTV (it also available through the Wap site) and gather information on Blaupunkt’s products.
On Blaupunkt is online also with an advergame that allows people to win a car audio system per week. Unfortunately they didn’t put much effort in creating a nice concept for this game. It’s just a racing game with no connection to Bunny&Benny. With a few more creative thinking (and probably with more budget) they could have “exploited” the viral characters also in the game generating more buzz around this campaign.

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