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Diesel Society of Nature Lovers

November 4, 2005 at 9:54 by Martina Comments

Kesselskramer, Amsterdam for Diesel.
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3 Responses to Diesel Society of Nature Lovers

  1. tim says:

    Didn’t Kessels Kramer lose the Diesel account?

  2. Chris Mair says:

    Yes they did, although they were responsible for this campaign. The ‘Love nature while it lasts’ campaign ran from January to June 2004.
    The current campaign is by Euro RSCG, and can be seen at

  3. james says:

    as usual a wacko concept…cool…attractive dramatic..reality-based(we’re losing a lot of species!)… good work.kessels..
    Wonder why they lost account or maybe not lost, but “transitioned” as is normal for companies as time goes by…
    only pet peeve…audio quality on site bad…better to publish it at highbandwidth and maybe use songs instead of loops (how we used to work in a world of modem)

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