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Predictions for online advertising in 2006

November 10, 2005 at 6:56 by Martina Comments

It’s November and it’s time to start with the predictions on what will happen next year in the advertising world. Will online advertising surpass outdoor? Will mobile marketing eventually take off? Will it be possible to find a reliable business model for podcasting? Etc… 24/7 Media has started the game announcing at Ad:Tech New York which will be the top 10 trend in online marketing and advertising in 2006.
1. Consumer-generated media will become increasingly attractive to advertisers
2. Advertisers will continue shifting traditional ad spending to the Web due to increased Internet consumption and better targeting/reporting capabilities
3. Advertisers, cable providers and interactive marketing experts will collaborate to address “The TiVo Effect”
4. Brand advertisers will drive the next wave of growth for the paid search market
5. Best practices in localized mobile marketing will be perfected overseas in 2006
6. Online advertisers will employ holistic targeting methods to deliver better results and reduce reliance on high-profile, high-CPM ad buys
7. Technology and better data access will transform online advertising success to a formulaic equation
8. Japan will be the next frontier for paid search and interactive marketing
9. Mobile carriers will adopt new ad models to boost revenue beyond usage
10. Performance-based pricing models will demonstrate the true value of search engine marketing (SEM) as a lead generation channel
As you can see, mobile marketing is also touched in the prediction. It is expected to take off here in Europe, while it will still be in the test phase in the US. More details on each single item can be found in the press release.
[via AdJab]

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