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Virals of the year

December 19, 2005 at 9:22 by Martina Comments

BrandRepublic has an article on the most downloaded virals of the year. According to BoreMe the controversial suicide bomber viral created without the knowledge of Volkswagen has become the most downloaded viral campaign of the year, with over 2.3m downloads.
This makes me curious to find out which is, in your opinion, the best (funniest/most successful) viral ad of the year. Here I share my favourites, you can vote or leave a comments suggesting (+ linking) your own favourite viral campaign.

What’s the best viral of the year?
Playboy, behind the scenes
FedEx, even an MBA can do it
Opel Astra, man’s best friend
Axe Ravenstock
Alto, for tall people
Upmystreet, home improvisation
Rexona, the stunts
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3 Responses to Virals of the year

  1. Wasn’t this viral ad for Vayago done this year? Vayago Viral Ad I thought it was one of the funniest of whatever year it came out, especially because it’s so real looking that you think it’s genuine right up to the punch line. Rohn Jay Miller, Periscope, Minneapolis

  2. Todd W. says:

    That FedEx “viral ad” was a TV ad from a couple of years ago. Does that really count as viral in 2005?

  3. Propagandery says:

    I thought for Playstation “Shadow of the Colossus” was very cool. 4 vids, a bunch of websites, very unique stuff. Not your traditional :30 second spot dumped onto the web and called “viral”.

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