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The Paparazzi advergame

January 18, 2006 at 7:26 by Martina Comments

Pod Design once again proves to be extremely smart in creating viral games. Their new game, developed for Peerflix, a new DVD trading service is called “Paparazzi- Adventures On The Red Carpet“. Players play the role of red carpet-stalking Paparazzi, trying to get the money snaps of celebs behaving badly.
The game is really funny to play for a couple of times. In two weeks the Paparazzi site has already generated 100,000 visitors, just out of word of mouth.
From a marketing perspective, I surely appreciate the viral effect the game generates, but I miss something for what concerns the brand promotion. It’s a new service, and I think some information about it should have been displayed on the advergame site also.

One Response to The Paparazzi advergame

  1. j0rd0 says:

    This game is the most addicting game ever. I love the names…haha, they are so clever. I actually disagree with the blog post and think that Peerflix did a great job of not pushing their service in your face.
    If you saw the Jib Jab campaigns they only had their logo placed at the begining while the game was loading.

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