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Take the SuperBowl ads with you

January 31, 2006 at 8:28 by Martina Comments

This year the SuperBowl ads could arrive on your iPod also. Of course, you need to actively download them, but brands will make everything possible to make them available to portable video-capable devices. According to USA Today the new small screens will help advertisers amortizing the costs of SuperBowl ads since the NFL decided to post the ads after high-paying sponsors complained they were shut out from seeing the TV ads in the stadium.
Some brands like, for example, Pepsi, will also launch collateral activities to go beyond the TV spot and further engage consumers (check in a few days

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One Response to Take the SuperBowl ads with you

  1. greg says:

    So it’s all over the web how the Super Bowl ad with Leonard Nimoy had an unexpected surprise. One member of the audience in the commercial, an extra, gave Nimoy “the finger” instead of doing the vulcan sign. It happens very fast and this is why the Aleve people didn’t catch it, but it’s definitely there! See the ad into approx 32 seconds. Very funny!

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