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February 12, 2006 at 7:52 by Martina Comments

If someone is running out of ideas on where to place an ad, “sandadvertising” could be an option…

[via AdArena]

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3 Responses to Sandadvertising…

  1. daria says:

    I have just annonced a competition for most crazy ‘vertising’ types. This one fits very good! Any more ideas – visit my blog and post under “Vertising” Hypes.

  2. sandro says:

    I have seen the same sandadvertising on a few months ago…someone wrote Kijiji on the sand and the staff published it online! it was pretty cool

  3. Edward Hahn says:

    I took a photograph of a beach at San Sebastian, Spain in 1969 !!!
    I think the ad was for hot chocolate…
    Nothing new apparently.

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