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Guerrilla World Water Day

March 20, 2006 at 9:34 by Martina Comments

For World Water Day, more than 500 of these Green Belgium stickers were stuck in washbasins in cinemas, pubs, restaurants, public toilets, universities and stations in nine Belgian cities and in Mexico City (where the 2006 World Water Forum was held).

The campaign is an idea of Duval Guillaume Antwerp (thanks Geoffrey!).

8 Responses to Guerrilla World Water Day

  1. Damien says:

    Great idea! But I can’t read the message written on the stickers, do you have it??

  2. I have found this campaign very interesting. So interesting that I havent been able to avoid mentioning it in my blog :-)

  3. gilles de Boncourt says:

    Yes I have!
    “It Takes you 1 second to get drinking water.
    He has to walk 20 km.”
    “Water is a human right.
    Help us provide access to drinking water.”

  4. Tom says:

    I think “It takes you 1 second to get drinking water. He has to walk 20 km.”

  5. Thnx for mentioning our campaign!
    More info on

  6. Cousteau says:

    DO anybody know when the campaign was realised and who did it?

  7. This campaign is running this moment.
    It’s a campaign of GREEN Belgium, made by Duval Guillaume – Antwerp
    More info on

  8. Damien says:

    thx for the message, it’s an very intellignet way to make people thinking about this topic.

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