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Pedigree launches My(dog)Space

May 5, 2006 at 9:31 by Martina Comments

NMA reports that Pedigree is investing £250,000 in creating an online community for dog lovers.
pedigreedog.jpg wants to be an online space where dog lovers can interact by sharing tips by uploading photos and information describing what’s unique about their dog. Competitions will be added to the site in order to support recurring visits. Joshua Interactive and ITG Digital did the job.

4 Responses to Pedigree launches My(dog)Space

  1. Mario says:

    I wonder if the market for this isn’t already owned by I wonder how much media spending will be covered by the 250k, if any. For the money they’re likely to spend they might have simply bought If not purchase the company outright, a collaborative effort may have been more efficient at selling Purina brand dog food than this investment.

  2. Just addition to Mario, even if they have spent 250K on creating the above community on dogs, how are they going to breakeven this big expenditure. Definately it will increase the brand equity of Pedigree.
    I feel it is not worth an investment … as Mario mentioned they could have even bought some other community on dogs.
    Lets see how this exercise will turn out in future.

  3. I think this is not the right investment. Definately they will increase their brand value – but when will they breakeven?

  4. Cathy hanson says:

    We have totally changed our lives by buying a male blue cocker spaniel we have named max or wiggy when he needs a hair cut.
    This little dog has turned our lives around by his personality, I know we are his parents and should say nice things but believe me we are a magnet for animals that have a fun happy disposition in life. Just some of his funny ways is spending time on his own bouncing on our sons trampoline barking away happily or when he watches us sleeping longing for us to get up and when he has given up he goes down the quilt nibbling the backs of our legs till we put our legs out of the quilt and then he starts nipping at your bottom to get you to sit up he is so excited that it is so funny our very own alarm clock which even on a weekend twenty five to seven he gets us all up the children too, even on our caravan holiday, he also gets up our blue great dane Blue who just puts up with all this herding. I cannot stop and talk in the street as he puts all his weight against my legs and if that doesnt work he starts pulling at my legs skirt or trousers then he will start nibbling to get you going it works everytime getting me away from the nosey neighbour etc.
    He has never been dirty at home or in the car and has never destroyed anything at ten and half months old he is a champ and so full of love we couldnt imagine life without him but would request a lie in on sunday please…

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