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Coca-Cola is now Blak

June 20, 2006 at 10:08 by Martina Comments

In France and in the United States, Coca-Cola has recently introduced a new drink: Coca-Cola Blak. To promote it in the relevant markets, they have decide (of course) to take advantage of online communication, so they have launched a dedicate website: The homepage is the gateway to different worlds and approaches. A part from the audio introduction to the content and from the brown palette , the sites don’t have much in common, as you can already notice from the screenshots below.
French version:
US version:
Grégoire has sent pointed me to the site, and has also shared with me some information on the French version, developed by Publicis Net. The website is an online experience that takes the visitor in a journey between 3 different places, 3 drinking moments of a CocaColaBlaK (after lunch, at work, at home). From these places, the visitor can access two experiences, all strongly related to the French tagline “L’esprit vif” (the sharp mind). They give the opportunity to the visitor to take a Coca-Cola BlaK break and accept a mental, uplifting challenge.

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One Response to Coca-Cola is now Blak

  1. Corey King says:

    Can you say “blak” with being accused of being un-PC? Or am I thinking of African-American and the un-Cola?

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