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Stop racism, but change the ball

June 22, 2006 at 9:51 by Martina Comments

JWT Puerto Rico for Amnesty International. It’s an ad against racism, too bad that, as Houtlog points out, this type of ball (black & white) is no longer used… this is too outstyle…
Copy says: En este maravilloso juego, el blanco y el negro siempre han estado juntos. Detén el racismo.
In this wonderful game, white and black always have been together. Stop racism.

3 Responses to Stop racism, but change the ball

  1. bourbononthrocks says:

    That’s the point of the ad, a new ball negates the copy. old style ball, black and white have always been together.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    This one, from BBDO apparently, does a far better job :

  3. Chris Andrade says:

    But it’s not the truth is it? It’s contradictive to say they’ve ALWAYS been together when I can’t even remember when footballs for professional players ever looked like that! It detracts from the ad’s authority.

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