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Online lifestyle magazine for Hugo

August 17, 2006 at 11:15 by Martina Comments

Via Lounge 72 I’ve found out today that Hugo Boss has an online (lifestyle) magazine. The idea is very interesting, and it clearly shows how fashion brands are moving away from product centric websites.
The eMag site design is quite flat, maybe stylish, but definitely not as appealing as the concept behind the magazine. In any case, the content is nicely produced, and it covers a wide range of topics from fashion, to lifestyle, beauty, arts & sports.
I’m wondering (and it’s not just pure curiosity) how they are promoting this. Online advertising? Offline advertising? Both? None of them?
The agency behind the online magazine is Werbewelt.

2 Responses to Online lifestyle magazine for Hugo

  1. JT2 says:

    You’ve already done PR for them.

  2. Very intersting, here is the Futur of Direct Marketing with new challenge for brands = create their own media.

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