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MySpace and music

August 27, 2006 at 10:39 by Martina Comments

kasabian_new.jpgMySpace marketing potentials are very much questioned at the moment. Does advertising work on MySpace? Which is the right approach to the huge audience moving around the social networking website? The music industry has probably already found some good answers to these questions, moving into MySpace with previews of upcoming albums. Revolution, for example, reports that artists like Basement Jaxx and Kasabian have currently made available their new work on MySpace, some time before the official release in the stores.
Music is one of the strongest areas on MySpace, which has become a unique promotional tool not only for affirmed artists wanting to connect with their fans, but also for small bands who want to make their music heard at an international level in the hope of signing a deal with a big record company.

3 Responses to MySpace and music

  1. pylbug says:

    It’s worth mentioning that MySpace began as a tool for musicians to promote their work. Only later did it open up to anyone with an email address.

  2. shawn smith says:

    You do realize that MySpace began as a place for musicians to share their music and promote themselves, right?

  3. morgenthau says:

    not only that – they (finally?) start selling music. see: this post

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