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Mini Cooper website rally

August 30, 2006 at 9:59 by admin Comments

Mini UK has launched an online campaign to celebrate the Mini Cooper,
called ‘Follow the white rabbit’. Rather than following
the standard banner – clicktrough – landing page scheme, the banners
take you on a randomised tour of independent sites, such as
Roundabouts of Britain, Ugly Footballers, or Street Mattress.
The teasing banners are placed on lifestyle sites, such as Urban Junkies
in the first place. I wonder if all of these inofficial sites were
made up for the campaign, at least it seems that the Agency Profero,
responsible for the work has placed a page on these sites.

4 Responses to Mini Cooper website rally

  1. Dean says:

    I can’t see a link to this site.

  2. Dooms says:

    really really clever way to reinvent banner advertising. it opens lots of “doors”…

  3. jean says:

    This is very very interesting.
    As Dooms said, they reinvented the concept of the lousy traditionla banner taht no one clicks on.
    Nice, very nice

  4. tantivies says:

    The issue though, is that there is no payoff. You’d think after you follow the trail there’s be some link to actually learn more about the car or GET one. However, (unless there’s a problem with my browsers) the last banner goes away after it loads. So, I can’t go any further. Its a cool idea though…up until that point.

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