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Beck’s reinvents Tetris – why?

September 28, 2006 at 10:52 by Martina Comments

I agree that very often classic (video)games are always the most fun to play. But why should someone try to reinvent Tetris replacing bricks with chairs? Unfortunately this is the case in a new advergame launched by Beck’s beer.
Definitely not a good example to follow, also because the game doesn’t tell anything about the product they are promoting (Beck’s Vier).

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4 Responses to Beck’s reinvents Tetris – why?

  1. Mark says:

    I actually quite like it – especially the fact that they don’t push too much product info into your face (I think I am an intelligent enough consumer…) In the end it all seems to be about getting four in a row which gives Tetris a nice spin, is as addictive as the original game and seems to tie in with 4%. Definately gets a thumbs up from me – watch the leaderboard (though I haven’t managed to get in yet)!

  2. paul jason says:

    hmmm! not the most interesting of games regardless of the brand… where is my beru?

  3. Chris says:

    As a game goes, this is clunky and poorly done. It’s not a satisfying experience compared to most games on the web. They make a dumbed down version of tetris (only rows? not columns? they never even stipulate that in the rules) with chairs and… lettuce? cabbage?

    As an advertising piece, while I have little to no idea what the product is (and the game gives me little reason to find out), I at the very least have a vague awareness of this beer-looking thing.

  4. BigBertha says:

    Was the plan to come up with an idea and execution as weak as the beer?

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