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Quit smoking, start living

February 13, 2007 at 9:02 by Martina Comments

In the UK, the Department of Health is running an integrated campaign against smoke. Below you see some of the strong images which belong to the Get unhooked series of ads.
On the Web there’s of course more to discover. For example, on the interactive side, it’s interesting to have a look to a series of ads created by Lean Mean Fighting Machine… you can even play space invaders against cigarettes packages…

2 Responses to Quit smoking, start living

  1. drew622 says:

    Inspired perhaps from the australian set of adds that ran back in the 90′s of the girl putting a cigarette to her lips while a fish hook slowly emerged from the butt…

  2. Divya Pratap says:

    I know a couple of smokers who discuss at length almost like coffee table conversation all the gross messages written on packs across the globe while still enjoying their smoke with their drink in an uptown bar. Somewhere I feel human being as self dresigned to overcome their fears. Yet I see one after another campaign that acts on fear. Probably a more positive campaign might help them quit more effectively.

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