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CK “what are you in 2″ missing piece

March 28, 2007 at 1:03 by Martina Comments

How do you launch a new fragrance in the youth market if not using new media tools and spaces? ck IN2U is a new parfume by Calvin Klein especially conceived for the technosexuals, a somehow scary word used to define young people aged 18-25 who communicate among each other using sms and emoticons, blogs and Myspace tools but also have a strong sense of aesthetics. CK even trademarked the term in anticipation of its launch of CK in2u.
The brand is using mobile marketing in Toronto with a series of digital billboards that invite consumers to interact and read their messages displayed on the big screens.
The online effort also includes the first ever (wow!???!) launch of a fragrance into Second Life. Situated on Avalon, the first island in Second Life to command a real-world land value, ck is also launching the ‘what are you in 2?’ photography competition and gallery, offering Avatars, the inhabitants of Second Life, the chance to post a ‘snapshot’ of any image that inspires them in the virtual world. Entries can be uploaded daily in the ck IN2U gallery and the winner will become a millionaire ( in Second Life only!).

I’ve read that there’s also a website, but trying to access it from Italy I simply (and sadly) get redirected to an holding page I cannot avoid. The site, “inspired” to Myspace and Facebook, aims at building an online community (at least this is what the New York Times is saying) and, of course, it looks for user generated content. For example, for the launch, they’ve invited students at film schools around the US to submit short movies addressing the theme “what are you into”, which are now shown on the site.
Update/important note: If you’re really interested in the site but you can’t access it, change manually the country in the URL. For example, in Italy this is the URL where I get redirected Type UK instead of IT and you’ll see the site. Watch out, because you’ll be disappointed. The Web experience is negative, it’s like ending up in 2004 (at least!), with a website which is flat like a pancake. How comes they think about mobile and Second Life and they forget about creating a cutting-edge site?

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