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Ops! Happy Birthday Adverblog

May 21, 2007 at 9:09 by Martina Comments

I’m getting old… I almost forgot that Adverblog has turned four last Friday…
Sometimes I feel that with my “regular” job getting better and better I will no longer have the time nor the energy to keep blogging, but this is actually not true. Adverblog, like interactive marketing, is a passion, and in four years time I’ve build so many online friendships and loyal relationships with my rants’ readers, that I just can’t stop writing (also because it’s the best tool I have to be recruited by cool companies ;-)
Right now I haven’t got a good connection at home (I’m using a gprs phone :-( but I’m sure you’ll forget me for a few more weeks and, most of all, you’ll appreciate the articles by Adverblog’s special friends and contributors Rocco and Mark.
So, Happy Birthday Adverblog! And thank you everybody :-)

4 Responses to Ops! Happy Birthday Adverblog

  1. Rocco says:


  2. Floris says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to Adverblog and congratulations for the new position!

  4. Mike Eaton says:

    Well done.
    As one of the newer ‘friends’ (Cape Town), I really enjoy the stimulating insights you dish up. Keep it up, and luck with the job.

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