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Not So Shiny

June 15, 2007 at 3:19 by Mark Comments

What do you all think about Apple’s new site? They’ve moved away from the excessively copied shiny plastic lolly aesthetic which was cool (once upon a time). The graduated reflective buttons that they used are gone and it’s back to the basics of usability. NICE!! I am so glad to see a “design leader” revert to the simplicity of good function, fast download speeds and limited animations whilst still displaying a lovely design interface. I like it. Do you?

8 Responses to Not So Shiny

  1. David Blanar says:

    I like it too, although in truth it could simply be my tiredness of the aqua trend.
    It feels like we’re between design styles at the moment (in general), but the current look of the site is classic, solid and understated. It sets them up nicely for an overhaul in time for Macworld 2008.

  2. I do like it aswell and I like the new dock and the stack options very much.

  3. renez says:

    i agree. i love the new look!

  4. kimblim says:

    “basics of usability”??? I beg to differ considering they use horizontal scrolling ( which requires the use of a mouse..

  5. Blah blah says:

    “and limited animations whilst”
    Aha… like that annoying ad here at the right…

  6. Mark Bowness says:

    REALLY love the new look!
    Mark Bowness

  7. mike says:

    I think it looks like Darth Vader’s MySpace page. It leaves .Mac in a lurch, and for me just falls flat…

  8. lars says:

    The “Aqua-Style” is outdated. I really like the new look&feel. it fits to the leopard – coming in october 07.

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