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A small world… let’s connect

June 28, 2007 at 5:07 by Martina Comments

I thought I could write a very sad post to move your emotions, and convince you to invite me to ASmallWorld… you know, I just changed job, just moved to a new town (Bologna), I have no friends here yet, I don’t know which are the cool places to be, the cool people to meet, the cool things to do etc… and a friendof mine who is in told me that ASmallWorld is great tool for social networking and to get the right directions… he’s not cool enough to invite me (sorry Raymond!) so I have to beg for an invitation here on Adverblog…
Did I convince you? This is my email martina @ adverblog .com
Thanks!! ;-)
Update: I’m in!!! ;-) Thank you!
Update 2: please don’t email me asking for an invitation. I can’t invite anybody. Sorry

4 Responses to A small world… let’s connect

  1. i’m still waiting for an invitation to Orkut :-S

  2. Mike says:

    “…I have no friends here …”
    Martina, You have friends all over the world. How many Bolognaises [people from Bologna :-) ?? ] can claim that?
    Cape Town

  3. Emanuele says:

    Why you don’t go out there and explore, using your intuition, imagination, animal instinct I would dare to say ?
    Trendsetters exist thanks to people who enjoy being followers

  4. @Martina: I am in ASW, I asked just for professional curiosity but I don’t have enough coolness to send invitation.
    I hopened for professional curiosity and to study for a pitch we had for a luxory customer.
    It’s really “high level people”, adv in ASW is from cartier, yatch factories, rolex, furstenberg and so on.
    Maybe could be useful to know people moving from a city to another.
    @Matteo: I sended you invitation for Orkut, I agree to visit that place for curiosity but imho it’s not interesting, if you don’t have a business with Brasil.
    Here is country share with first three countries and Italy.
    Brasil: 55,33%
    USA: 18,87%
    India: 15,43%
    Italy: 0,32%
    Happy social network weekend!

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