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Advent calendar: Christina Yu

December 11, 2007 at 10:40 by Martina Comments

Today it’s time to travel overseas to meet Christina Yu, VP and Creative Director at Lowe Roche Canada.
1) Which is the digital project that impressed you more this year and why?
First off, the caliber of work digitally is amazing. So much innovations, such great ideas. It’s true i like the Heides campaign. But also love the HBO voyeur screen saver. It felt like contemporary art. too cool. and I just couldn’t stop looking at it. Such complicated details and beautiful art direction. Great idea.
2) In your job, which is the most important thing you learnt this year?
Don’t give up. When things get difficult people choose the easy road. It’s been amazing to watch everybody in my agency trying to figure out how to make things work and make thing great. But on the technical side, to treat everything traditionally non-traditionally, because then you’ll get innovation.

3) As a digital marketerwhat’s on top of your agenda for 2008?
Applications on social networking sites (ie facebook), desktop applications (branded) and finally mobile apps and content.
4) What, in your opinion, will be a killer application / key trend in interactive marketing in 2008?
Branded content that is relevant to social networking and cause related efforts. If I really knew this answer, I would be rich.
5) Which book would you give as a Christmas present to Adverblog’s readers?
Paul Arden books “Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite” and ” It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be

2 Responses to Advent calendar: Christina Yu

  1. Youpark says:

    Social Media seems to be a killer trend in 2008, but not sure, I’d also be rich if it was sure! lolz!

  2. Nic Hodges says:

    I’ve been loving every post in this series, but I must say this response stands out.
    Christina has a clear view of what’s happening, and a realistic view of what’s achievable in our industry.
    Keep up the good work!

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