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Know the signs

January 6, 2009 at 3:51 by Mark Comments

Done by Unit9 and Ruby and based on the fact that some people turn into embarrassing characters when they drink too much, Heineken launched this experience site called “Know the signs” last December to recommend a moderate use of alcohol during Christmas.


Once you get into the site you are prompted into the office of a disco manager and you are assigned to check the videos from a few surveillance cameras to spot reprehensible behaviors that usually happen due to the massive take of alcohol.


When spotting one of this behaviors you have to click a green alert button and then you get directed to a video in which the people spotted are disguised as the character that they are turned into (as for instance, the groper gets enormous hands, the fighter becomes a boxing sparring, etc.) because of alcohol.


Besides that, if you have some friends always ending like that at parties you can send them some of the situations or even install a widget or a Facebook application so you can spot them into their specific behavior and then get statistics about what happens more often when drinking too much.


A short but nice and hilarious experience in which you’ll have to find five characters (the groper, the sleeper, the fighter, the crier and the exhibitionist) to get the site completed.

2 Responses to Know the signs

  1. Thanks Florian! i think i partied too hard during Christmas and now i’m maybe one another character for this site, “the confused” one, ha

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