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Puma Lift

April 17, 2009 at 12:04 by Mark Comments

For the launching of the new and ultralight Puma Lift shoe, Droga5 teamed up with the whizs at Firstbon Multimedia for the online side of the campaign: this website that recreates a virtual fulcrum. I’m a long time fan of Firstborn’s work, even since the days of the old Yigal Azrouel or Madonna’s Music websites. Years later, they also have a strong basketball team and, besides of that, they remain really humble even when they’re one of the hottest and most talented digital shops out there.


The website itself is really simple, as it uses an idea from Droga 5 based on the main attribute of the shoe, its minimum weight, so you can test the weights of different things compared to the shoe and you quickly get the idea on how light it is.


The video is very well shot and streamed, and the site is amazingly well crafted, with the two characters playing their roles in a really humorous mood and making constant funny gags as, i.e. the abs trainer for the guy or the secret-undress code for the girl, resulting it all (with a simple and nice idea) in an engaging experience to get introduced into this new product.
Also, a Puma store locator and the capability of watching and/or downloading the TV ad are the two goodies available, maybe not much but personally i didn’t miss any other as i don’t think you are coming into this site again after the first visit, but when you’ll finish it you’ll have a big smile in your face.

(via Creativity)

3 Responses to Puma Lift

  1. Linds Jay says:

    I’ve heard that Puma had a horrible past year, so a huge launch was definitely a good plan. These two components of Puma, the website and the shoe, will remind consumers of the lightweight nature of them both. I can really appreciate the correlation. Also, one component to the Web site is that it weighs other things to the shoe so that you can see just how light they are, a great way of showing, not telling. I’m interested.

  2. Betsy H says:

    I really enjoyed this ad. There was a lot of information on a new product and with the econonmy the way it is, a new shoe, especially with the prices of Puma’s need to have a lot of information to make me want to purchase this, which they did. Since I’ve never seen a shoe like this, they did a great job at making their capabilities clear to their consumers. Overall, great promotions for this product!

  3. helen says:

    thought this was a wicked ad! loved it! wish i had thought of it…

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