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Pick your own cyberlions

June 28, 2009 at 10:28 by Martina Comments

Gulp! I’ve been offline for a week or, better, I’ve been using the Web for a week only for work or to read news about Michael Jackson death (that was really a shock as I was a big fan of Jacko). That’s weird, especially because it means I’ve been offline during the most important (?!) week of the year for those who work in advertising. Next year I have to be there. I keep repeating the same thing every year, even if people around the Web is now questioning if and how advertising awards still matter. Actually, the thing I like about Cannes is the fact that you can meet a lot of people and see a lot of creativity, the best food for thought to improve in your job if you really love it.
Talking about the CyberLions, which is the category I’m most interested into, it’s great to see a lot of winners have been already featured on Adverblog in the past year or so. Once again this gives me the opportunity to thank Daniel, Geoff, Laurent Mark and Rocco (in strictly alphabetical order) for the super contributes. Thank you guys!!
Going back to the awards, like every year the final result provide us with a lot of discussion points. There are quite some awards I personally don’t understand but it’s not my job to criticize the jury’s output, especially (but not only) because Mark was part of it and I definitely trust him. I rather would like to share my own point of view on the Cyberlions, picking my personal list of “winners” with an approach which, as usual, tries to look at the creativity from a marketing perspective.
My Grand Prix goes to Uniqlo Fashion Map (Dentsu). The Gold is for Donate-a-meal (Ogilvy). Silver to The Truth About Smart (Agency Republic) and Bronze to Into the Closet (Forsman & Bodenfors).
Of course, I’d love to know your opinion about the Cyberlions, please leave a comment (below, right after the google ads) with your own top five.

2 Responses to Pick your own cyberlions

  1. joao says:

    I was a bit surprised to see the ‘Best Job in The World’ winning the grand prix. To me it doesn’t look like it have a brilliant use of the web.
    It surprise me too no seeing wonderful ideas like thefirstworldwidewebsitewherenothinghappens for kitkat making the shortlist :(

  2. I was surprised by the Pringles win.
    Still I think about how a Pringles banner ad can tell us something about digital marketing for our consultancy’s clients in pharma and healthcare.

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