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A chainsaw will save the world

July 15, 2009 at 7:46 by Martina Comments

The tiny little green line at the end of many emails “Do you really need to print this email?” is no longer enough to prevent us from printing tons of stuffs. It was time for a new viral message to be spread, and BBH Asia Pac came up with a smart idea to drive attention back: the USB chainsaw (see video here).


It was actually an amusing hoax. The idea is that everytime we hit the “CTRL + P” button on our keyboard we are actually activating the digital chainsaw to destroy trees. We print too much, and save too little. Make sure to download the chainsaw app on your computer which will play the horrible chainsaw sound effects whenever you press “CTRL + P” on our keyboard. Just a little gnetle reminder the next time we print out those one-liner emails.

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One Response to A chainsaw will save the world

  1. msblow says:

    been trying this one out for a week now. its starting to grate because it doesn’t just play the soundbite at CTRL + P. actually it plays the sound every time you press p. fun for a very short time. think i’ll stick to the one liner at the end of my email.

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