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Brands thanking God for spoofs

July 15, 2009 at 7:29 by Mark Comments

Funny thing that happened, i got sent this Palm Pre video, which is… creepy to say the least.

While i was watching it I spent the whole time waiting for something to happen, in a Scary Maze style or the monster from Cloverfield killing people or something like that, which would have been less creepy than the original video, in my opinion (the “ping ping ping” part really freaked me out)
So if you read the comments no one is bitching about Palm nor about the product, they just complain about the quality of the commercial, the girl or the general tone. Then, some spoofs from YouTube came to the rescue.

This “Traumatizing Edition” takes the parody to a new frenzy level, emphasizing the creepy tone and making it absolutely delirious:

So seeing this i don’t know what to think because the worst that can happen is that nodoby cares about you but, when people start making versions of it (even because it’s that bad) maybe you have something, and in the end they’re giving free new commercials to that new model of Palm Pre that has just been launched. Kind of funny that this spoof videos (because i think that some others will eventually appear) are doing more for the brand than the original commercial itself.

One Response to Brands thanking God for spoofs

  1. Aimee says:

    OMG, these ads are creepy and awful (this coming from someone who has been producing television :30s for 13 years). Does it make me remember the PalmPre? Yes…. it makes me remember not to buy it because I wouldn’t want to turn into someone this obnoxious and hung up on themselves and their fancy belongings.

    She reminds me of the Borg Queen from Star Trek. Is resistance futile? Have we been assimilated? All I want is a phone that doesn’t have this stupid interface. Can’t I just continue to have a mobile phone with NUMBERS, not a qwerty keypad? When will I be phased out?

    Someone at an ad agency thinks they (“they” meaning themselves, not the spots) are really stylish and clever, but I think they (the spots) are cloying and pretentious. If having a PalmPre is going to make me anything like this individual, count me OUT. I feel kind of bad for the actress, because she herself is probably a great, talented person, whose agent got her this high-paying gig, and now forevermore she’ll be known as the “trippy PalmPre chick.”

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