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Stockholm Pride

July 15, 2009 at 6:30 by Mark Comments

Stockholm Pride is a gay pride festival held since 1998 yearly in Stockholm (Sweden) that has grown to be one of Stockholm’s largest events.
In the latest couple of days i saw many friends at Twitter publishing posts about how much hetero they were so although it looked kind of weird it was also funny to me and different from that awful Spygames or Mafia or WTF games that are filling the platform right now. I clicked the link and came into this little app called How hetero? in which my % of hetero was defined because of my tweets and some words i used in past messages as “disco”, “dildo”, “musical” or “wow” (now i’m curious about when and where i used them, haha)
Then you’re told about the misjudging someone because of the words he uses and relates to how heteronorms affects and determines gay people behavior. I liked the way in which they used Twitter to reach people and make us think about this. You can also check another actions from this campaign here: Hetronormality stinks.
(thx Arturo and Armando!)

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