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Houston, we have a website

July 17, 2009 at 10:24 by Martina Comments

Relive the experience of the landing on the moon forty years ago with a dedicated interactive project launched in the Martin Agency and Domani Studios. Step by step, minute after minute you can watch and listen every single moment of one of the most memorable moments in history.


The Apollo 11 is expected to land on the moon on Monday 20 at 4:17 EST. If you visit the website now (Friday 17) there is no way you can speed up the story. It is happening again, live, at the same pace (obviously!) of the first time, and you can even follow the astronauts on Twitter (!!), but this time you already know how the story is going to end.

I have strong contrasting feelings about the project. At first I thought “cool!”, relive history 40 years after, with Twitter integrated… nice! But after a few minutes I started changing my mind. And from “cool” my judgement changed into “boring/annoying”.


Don’t get me wrong, the project is nicely done and I like the fact of using the Web to teach history. “Boring/annoying” or maybe just “wrong” is just the idea of forcing people to relive a fictional live experience. You will be able to experience the content at your own pace only after Apollo 11 will have completed its mission. Online, offline, in history as in brand communication, emotions make the difference. If there is no surprise, no joy, no sorrow, no revelation, no uncertainty the story becomes just expected, and not worth consumers or, simply, human beings’ attention.


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