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Hellmann’s #Realfood infographic movie

July 22, 2009 at 12:25 by Laurent Comments

Released earlier this month in Canada, here is a very nice film from Ogilvy Toronto and Crush for Unilever Mayo Hellmann’s.

Although the phenomenon of data visualization is far from new, this is a very well executed application for a branded purpose. It shows it is not only limited to IT, artistic, or research fields but can also perfectly illustrate a message in a FMCG environment. In this case urge people to take into consideration where the food they eat comes from, and the impact it possibly has, from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

This animated spot is part of the campaign : eat real, eat local.
A little bit like Dove, another Unilever brand, which created the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, based on its campaign for Real Beauty, Hellmann’s is now launching its Real Food Movement.


The site, which may not be reaching the same standards of aesthetics that the video does, is very complete and reflects the proactive intentions of the brand, with modules to get information, take action and spread the word. And for those who remain skeptical about a brand talking about local, while it is part of a global group such as Unilever, Hellmann’s in a way to prove some legitimacy, offers some simple explanation supported by facts, making its all step quite consistent, I would say.

More info on the video production here
And if you are interested in data visualization and infographics :
the online reference : information aesthetics
Exclusive video interview of a master, Aaron Koblin, on Etapes

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