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User generated content that reaches people

August 11, 2009 at 1:54 by Mark Comments

A couple of interesting examples of user generated content that really touched me last week. The first one, probably you’ve seen this before, one of the best wedding entrances ever:

The funny thing about that is that the sales of the song, Chris Brown’s “Forever” have skyrocketed since then (thx Fer!)

The second one is this stop-motioned video about this baby reaching his first birthday (November 4th take is priceless)

Beautiful, huh?
I thought it would be nice to post both examples, because i believe that is as fresh as both agencies and clients should be going about releasing content online.

2 Responses to User generated content that reaches people

  1. R says:

    The song by Chris Brown is actually called ‘Forever’ not ‘Future.’

  2. my mistake, R, i updated it, thanks for the tip!

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