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Dixio real-time definitions

September 23, 2009 at 8:47 by Mark Comments

As i’m from Spain and i live in Mexico, i spend some time every day reading the online press from my country, trying to be aware of how the things are going and so on. One of the many newspapers i often visit is Publico, and reading about Jim Jarmusch presenting his new movie at San Sebastian festival i found that in the right side of the page a subtle text claims “doble clic en cualquier palabra para ver su definicion” (meaning “double click any word to get its meaning”), next to a brand called Dixio, which seems to be a service that provides real-time definitions.

So i opted for doing that over the word “camarero” (“bar-tender”), getting, obviously, the meaning of it, great utility for readers, that might be an agreement between the publisher and the brand and not just a campaign. But also i was wondering that maybe instead of releasing that gigantic multimedia banners taking all over the place, it could be nice and interesting that the banner itself could provide some kind of utility or message because of the content of the page where is placed, even if it’s nothing related to translations nor definitions, think of this fantastic CP+B “Rabbit” banner, and its animations triggered by double-clicking words on the page instead of typing actions.
Just some random thoughts…

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