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Quique the head

September 23, 2009 at 11:34 by Mark Comments

Enrique (Henry), also called Quique the head, was born a head and in Argentina, now he’s looking for a body in this clever campaign made by Shackleton, are you the donator he’s looking for? This video tells his story (big time when he sneezes):

Diesel appears two or three times on the site and is also the registrant for the domain name, and two of the tags of the video are “fashion” and “motorbike”, so i guess it’s about Diesel helmets? (my own update, it’s about Mowie Helmets, by Diesel)
(so funny that the guy on the right of the Youtube video caption above is my friend Marc, who worked both at Shackleton and Diesel some time ago)

3 Responses to Quique the head

  1. How very clever, that’s a really funny idea

  2. paul Jason says:


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