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Bank run, an interactive movie

March 2, 2010 at 11:20 by Mark Comments

I had mixed feelings when i finished my visit to this site this morning, because in the end i was asked to pay USD 2$ (i was willing to) to continue the story but i couldn’t because i don’t have an american iTunes Store account (mine is from Spain), so i felt really frustrated.
On the other side, i thought about the fact that i had happily spent the previous 15 minutes browsing this violent yet funny interactive movie called Bank Run that tells the story of Evan, a financial analyst that gets involved in a scam organized by the company he works for, his girlfriend kidnapped and, in general, all the film cliches from movies where the main character has to escape from something and not knowing why.
Really well done and with little interactions that breaks the linearity of the story without becoming a “game” itself, this project from Silk Tricky is definitely worth the 15 minutes i spent being there. Go take a look, and the story continues on iPhone, hope you let me know how it ends! :)

4 Responses to Bank run, an interactive movie

  1. Freddy says:

    The price of the “Bank Run” iPhone app is only $1.99, not $20. Give it a try.

  2. thx Freddy, but it wasn’t a price issue (i updated the post with the right price, thx!) but because it’s not available in the iTunes store of my country :)

  3. Hey!! Bank Run is the favorite once of the movie and Daniel please update with the right price, i am waiting of your updating….
    Thanks & Regards
    Cynthia Brown
    Marketing Manager

  4. Ken says:

    At first when you said you spent the time playing the game I thought, what could be so compelling, but the uniqueness made it fun.
    Sure to be a hot concept for the short term, as more companies do it though it may loose some draw. Thanks for the link.

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