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Need a case study?

March 10, 2010 at 8:36 by Mark Comments

If you’ve ever been to dig the entries of any advertising festival, you’ll realize that the last trend is doing case-studies for every single entry. I think that sometimes it could be helpful to catch up the whole idea of, let’s say, an integrated campaign, but meaningless when you’re explaining the concept for a banner, do you really need a 3 minutes video to explain a rich-media banner?
Then, the good folks at Escola Cuca (in Sao Paulo, Brazil) have released this nice video on this subject (the part of “try learning chinese” made me laugh)

One Response to Need a case study?

  1. Jesse Ridder says:

    Cool! You can find our 3-minute-movie-explaining-a-rich-media-banner here: ;-)

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