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Your facebook picture

October 19, 2010 at 9:09 by Mark Comments

The truth!
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One Response to Your facebook picture

  1. Denae Olberding says:

    This post is a very detailed description of what the blogger felt was the motive behind why people choose the profile picture they do on Facebook. The first impression of a Facebook page (the profile picture) can easily sway another Facebooker to add or further look at that Facebook page. I think that this is interesting to look at because it not only holds truth for people on Facebook, but also for a brand, business, etc. Social media like Facebook can be a positive marketing strategy or it could ruin possible reputations.
    I think it is important to analyze something so simple as a profile picture because it takes something as simple as catching the audience or viewers attention at first glance to get them to continue to explore your page.
    Whether it is an individual or a business, the popularity of social media is so crucial to your image in the public eye that it is important to be aware of what you post on the internet and what message it is portraying.

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