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Best social advertising of 2010

February 8, 2011 at 10:19 by Martina Comments

Also this year I’ve been invited by Marc at Osocio to vote for the best social advertising campaign of 2010. The winner has been announced last night, and with no surprise it’s “Embrace Life – always wear your seatbelt” a spectacular video in slow motion we also featured here on Adverblog and that has reached almost reached 14 million views on Youtube.

Among the finalists, the other campaign that I really liked is the installation “Water Talks” for the World Water Day by Solidarit├ęs International.

One Response to Best social advertising of 2010

  1. thanks for sharing, but what do you think makes the embrace life spot social? to upload a spot on youtube??? it’s obvious a well done spot but this commercial is far away from social…

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