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Print ads become more and more multimedia

April 27, 2011 at 1:47 by Martina Comments

Take a page on a newspaper or a magazine. Take a mobile phone. Add a video. Print advertising is becoming interactive. Or at least, it is becoming multimedia. We saw the first example about a month ago with the “test drive in ad” by Volkswagen in Norway. Today we received two submissions taking advantage of the same inspiration. So I guess this is becoming a trend. And I kind of like it. I mean, I like the idea that print advertising is no longer “literally” flat and it is trying to earn a second life in the media landscape. Of course we have been seeing QR codes around for some time now but I feel the new examples deliver more compelling experiences. You know, we have to remember that technology is there, but we need to be creative and challenge ourselves to use it to deliver simple/accessible, effective experiences for brand or product storytelling. It’s not about being smart using a gimmick. It’s about being smart connecting with consumers.

So let’s see what’s new… First case for comes from New Zealand where Mercedes invites readers to lay the phone on the page where the rear view mirror is, type in a dedicated URL (kind of complicated though…) and watch a video taken from that point of view. The agency for this is 140 BBDO.

The second example arrives from Belgium and promotes Reporters without Borders. It is based on QR codes. You scan the code, you place the phone on the image and you make the page speak, you give voice to the dictator portrayed in the image. The agency here is Publicis.

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