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IKEA: we all (still) need lullabies

May 2, 2011 at 8:10 by Martina Comments

Ikea wishes “Better sleep for everyone” with a nice integrated campaign just launched in Sweden to promote its beds and mattresses collection. They got in touch with 6 music artists and asked them to interpret and make new recordings of well known lullabies. The songs will be soon released through Sony Music, and will be available to download on iTunes and Spotify. The artist also recorded 6 music videos that are going on air on TV in short cuts, but are also available online in full length. Interesting small but important detail: each bed was chosen specifically to fit each artist according to their height, weight and sleeping position.

It’s nice to see how IKEA and Forsman & Bodenfors have evolved their approach to online communication. A few years ago we were admiring jaw-dropping Flash websites. Today we look at a website entirely in html, a simple, clean gateway to access branded content on Youtube and iTunes, the place you want your stuff to be in order to get the max “organic” visibility.

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